Redcar Studios is an independent multimedia studio with branches on two continents.  We believe in the power of art and fiction to inspire people and make a positive impact in the world, and we’re committed to using our talents to do just that.


Tenken is the madman who started all this.  He had a dream in high school of getting his friends together to make a manga/anime studio, and a decade later somehow that’s exactly what happened!  He’s the writer and artist of Underground, as well as the writer for Zoe, and has approximately a jillion other stories he wants to publish someday.  (As a side note, he gets a real kick out of talking about himself in the third person.)


Cyber-cutie Mushi is a precious cinnamon bun, too pure for this world.  She’s been drawing since she could hold a pencil, and wants to be a manga artist forever.  She’s hard at work with her ongoing series Paripety, and she also draws the limited series Zoe.

Viktor Mayrin

Viktor is a Midwestern brown bear with a computer.  We’re not sure how he manages to type so much with those big furry paws, but somehow he does it!  The “Pathways” sci-fi universe is his brainchild, and he’s hard at work writing the first installment, Harmonic Pathway.


PetiteGuardian (PG for short, which she is) is a Lawful Good wizard who seems to have left her spell slots in an alternate universe and doesn’t know how to retrieve them.  She writes speculative fiction, primarily in the “Ainir” fantasy setting, and looks forward to playing games of “Confirm, Deny, Waffle” with her readers.


Jean is the head of Redcar’s Asian branch, located in the Philippines.  She’s adept in a variety of art styles and media, and serves as a creative consultant on many of Redcar’s projects.  (She’s also a Grade A cutie, but don’t tell her I said so.)


Tsuyuchan is Redcar’s community director, and helps manage our social media presence.  She’s also our longsuffering team mom, and keeps us all sane and on schedule when we would otherwise be running around like chickens with our heads cut off.


Resident code monkey Kairukun is our part-time webmaster and DJ.  You’ve got him to thank for this fabulous website, and for helping us get all this content organized and posted where you can enjoy it.  If you wanna talk old school gaming or cutting-edge technology, he’s the man to go to.